The Football Factory Skills Classes


At The Football Factory we firmly believe football is a skills based game. Therefore we design our programs on educating players how to improve and expand their individual ‘bag of tricks’ or skills.

Term 2 2022 Classes

Registrations for Term 2 2022 are now open! These classes will once again be held outdoors as we believe it is currently a healthier environment for our students.

Please check our classes page for field locations and times.

This program is targeted at footballers looking to improve their individual performance no matter what level or field position they currently fulfill.

Most players enjoy Team training one or twice a week for around 1 – 2 hours. This is run by a Coach that focuses on Team/Squad training with limited time for ‘individual’ skill improvement. Regularly team strategy, moves and tactics are given priority given this group setting hence there is a danger individual ball skills can get neglected. Coaches have to prioritise, to decide how much focus and attention they can commit to improving each individual’s skill set.

We do not care what Grade, Standard or Position you play! Just because you have been chosen to play a defensive role doesn’t mean you should be any less skilled than the Striker who scores most of the Goals. You just have a different skill set and a different roll to play. You need to recognise you strengths and weaknesses and work to improve them and gain new skills. Yes, it is a Team Game, but if all the members improve their individual performance, the team as a whole emerges a winner at the end of the day.

Improve your ‘ball mastery’ and learn how to execute a Kryuff Cut, Maradona Spin, Ronaldo Chop etc just like the professionals.

By breaking down and demonstrating each component of a skill then introducing fun activities involving repetitive execution, players improve not only their performance, but build both self esteem and confidence at the same time. This is key to player enjoyment and your game can go to a new level building confidence creativity and flair.

Please note, the office cannot accept bookings without payment and the waiver signed.


  • Learn how to Dribble 'close' whilst moving faster

  • Protect the ball by being 'strong on the ball'

  • Improve your 'Touch' both 1st and Last

  • Understand how to 'Read your Opponents feet'

  • Strike the ball with power and accuracy

  • Improve Heading contact

  • Deliver more accurate and well weighted passes

  • How to execute a variety of turns, spins, feints and dummies

  • Confuse opponents with 'fast feet' and 'trickery'