Small Sided Games & Skills

Skills & Small-Sided Games

Term 3 2022 Classes

Registrations for Term 3 2022 are now open! These classes will once again be held outdoors like our last few terms.

Please check our classes page for field locations and times.

Saturday Mornings for 5 – 6 yrs & 7 – 9 yrs

You’ll be amazed at how much your child can learn in a program that’s designed to focus on improving them individually, not just as part of a group.

Our classes focus on teaching and improving your child’s set of tricks & skills. This is all put into practice with games so your child learns to read the game and when to utilise their new tricks & skills.

We have found that many children in our  programs learn new social skills in addition to enjoying their new football skills. Football is an important social game in the playground, and many parents tell us their children begin to form new friendships alongside being first picked for a team after joining our classes.

The skills your child will learn will be impressive to both their friends & teachers at school!

Small sided games play a big part in training for football. Small sided games are fundamental to preparing the skills we have taught to our players for games.

Enjoy learning new skills and playing small sided games with these classes. Each session is centered around learning tricks & skills followed by a half hour game. Children are placed in a team for the term to compete in a mini round-robin competition.