Online Classes

Online Classes

Term 2 interactive online classes

At this moment in time The Football Factory is exclusively offering its classes in an online format. Our online classes have been designed to be delivered in a format that is both consistent with the quality of our regular classes and considerate of the area these classes take place in, your home.

These classes take place in your home with a live session directed by one of our coaches, who you can see demonstrating on your screen. Our coaches provide live feedback on how you are progressing. We have already conducted some online classes, all of which have received incredibly positive feedback.

We offer five types of online classes, Pre-school, TFF Skills, Development Squad classes. In addition to these classes, we also offer private sessions. Have a look below for more info on each class type and the timetable.

Our Term 2 Programs start on Monday the 27th of April, 2020 and end on Friday the 3rd of July, 2020.  All programs run for 2 weeks at the same time each week.



PRICE: $200

AGES: 4-6yrs

Take your childs game to the next level! Every session will be based on technique & Skill development. Each session will be centred around the NSW fundamental ABCs (Agility, Balance & Coordination ) as well as teaching the basic rules of football through a variety of fun games and exercises. Classes are run once a week for the duration of Term 2.

TFF Skills Classes

PRICE: $200

AGES 5-12yrs

This program is targeted at footballers looking to improve their individual performance no matter what level or field position they currently fulfill. If you are in any of our skills classes, this is the class for you. Classes are run once a week for the duration of Term 2.


Development Squad

PRICE: $200

AGES: 6 – 15 yrs

This Class is for advanced players that need to be challenged. If you are a Rep, Academy player or in the Development Squad this is a perfect class.  The Development Squad has been carefully designed from the ground up to ensure maximum player performance. Focusing on all areas of play the development squad leaves no stone unturned. Classes are run once a week for the duration of Term 2.


PRICE: $300

AGES: 7-14

This Class is for our Academy players. If you have previously been selected for The Football Factory Academy team, this class is for you! Classes are run once a week for the duration of Term 2.

Private Sessions



We have 4 different coaches that can work with you  individually online and focus on what you would like to improve and work on. Classes are only $60 per session.

Online class requirements

Our online classes have a few requirements. See below for what you need in order to connect to our classes.

 – A football

– A phone, tablet or computer with an internet connection, microphone and front-facing camera

– Some cones/markers (anything will do if you don’t have any specific cones)

– An area to practice the class in, at least 2m x 3m with no trip hazards or breakable objects nearby