Bubble Football

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At some point in time there came the question, “What if I played football, but ran around in a giant bubble?” and thus Bubble Football was born.


Bubble Football is exactly as it sounds…. football in a giant bubble! This game is safe and extremely fun for everyone! Book your party, team building exercise, buks/hens party, birthday/Christmas present, or simply just for fun!!

Call us to book now for $30.00 per player per game or $50.00 per player for 2 games.

1 Bubble Football game includes 2 x 10 minute halves (20 minutes of game time)

2 Bubble Football games includes 4 x 10 minute halves (40 minutes of game time)

Bookings must be booked in groups of minimum of 12 – maximum 35 players.
Bookings must be confirmed with correct numbers as we allocate the times according to players so please ensure that you book with the correct numbers as you will be charged accordingly. Bookings must be fully paid for by the Friday before.


During the School holidays we have Bubble Football tournaments for kids! Unfortunately we are unable to offer our Bubble Football tournaments for kids these upcoming holidays, however we look forward to running them again and will update this page when we can.

Bubble Football Tournaments usually run from 3pm daily during school holidays. Organise a team of mates and choose a Country name for your team, or register as an individual and we’ll do our best to put you into a team.