Adult Classes


Improve your essential Football Skills whilst doing a workout. Expert tips from professional qualified coaches and advice on every aspect of the game. Learn new Tricks and Tactics. Great fun and Fitness. Creche is available, please advise on booking. 

Term 2 2022 Classes

Registrations for Term 2 2022 are now open! These classes will once again be held outdoors as we believe it is currently a healthier environment for our students.

Please check our classes page for field locations and times.

Most players enjoy Team training one or twice a week for around 1.5-2.5 hours. This is run by a Coach who’s focus is around the Team/Group training with limited time for “individual” skills improvment.
Here at The Football Factory we spend the whole time working on individuals skills, tricks and ‘ball mastery’ teaching you how to execute a Kryuff Cut, Maradona Spin, Ronaldo Chop etc just like the professionals.

Once you have mastered these skills your game can go to a new level building confidence creativity and flair.

Classes are structured according to age and ability, and run throughout each school term, Monday – Friday Cost $255 per Term.

Here at THE FOOTBALL FACTORY we are Passionate about the game FOOTBALL!

As the Liverpool FC Manager Bill Shankly once said:

“Some people believe Football is a matter of Life and Death. I can assure you… It is much much more important than that!”

The Football Factory is a centre designed around one of many elements that form the Footballing Landscape, but our particular focus centres around a player’s individual skill-set.

Our aim is to assist players to improve their individual skills, and in doing so we improve their overall ball mastery at the same time.
This in turn helps build one of the most important elements a player can have – Confidence!

On the field they become more involved, contribute more towards team play, display more creativity all of which helps to enhance their overall enjoyment of playing the game.

We do not care what Grade, Standard or Position you play! Just because you have been chosen to play a defensive role doesn’t mean you are less skilled than the Striker who scores most of the Goals. You just have a different skill set. You need to recognise you strengths and weaknesses and work to improve them and gain new skills. Yes, it is a Team Game, but if all the members improve their individual performance, the team as a whole emerges a winner at the end of the day.

Most players become members of a Team/Squad for which a Coach will be appointed. Given the majority of teams train maybe once or twice a week for a couple of hours, the Coach is often limited with with what they can do. They have to decide how much focus and attention they can commit to improving each individual’s skill set. Regularly team strategy, moves and tactics are given priority given this group setting hence there is a danger individual ball skills can get neglected.

Smaller Groups and Private Tuition is also available.

  • Learn how to Dribble 'close' whilst moving faster

  • Protect the ball by being 'strong on the ball'

  • Improve your 'Touch' both 1st and Last

  • Understand how to 'Read your Opponents feet'

  • Strike the ball with power and accuracy

  • Improve Heading contact

  • Deliver more accurate and well weighted passes

  • How to execute a variety of turns, spins, feints and dummies

  • Confuse opponents with 'fast feet' and 'trickery'

The Football Factory’s quality Indoor facility covered in Synthetic Grass enables you to train in your football boots and provides the perfect surface all year around.

Classes for all ages and all skill levels by Qualified and Experienced Coaches.