5 A Side Rules


The Rules for The Football Factory Indoor 5 A-Side are based on the FA (Football Association) outdoor rules with a number of modifications to accommodate for the smaller version of the game.


  1. Field Size for ages 5,6 and 7 is approximately 20 metres x 20 metres Field Size for 8 and over is approximately 20 metres X 40 metres
  2. Number of players per Team = 5 including one designated Goalkeeper.
  3. All players must be registered in a team to play. Any players playing unregistered in that team will result in a forfeit.
  4. Duration of Games; For ages 5-17 games will consist of 2 X 15 minute halves For Senior game consists of 2 X 20 minute halves
  5. Half Time is for a maximum of 1 Minute to change ends and obtain hydration if required.
  6. Substitutions are unlimited. Exiting player must leave the field of play prior to replacement entering field. There is no requirement for the Referee to be consulted.
  7. Throw- ins are replaced by a ‘kick-in’ taken on the sideline from point of exit and ball must be stationary when played. A Goal can not be scored direct from a kick- in! Defender must retreat a minimum of 2 metres from the ball.
  8. There is no Off-Side Rule however a player must not intentionally or deliberately stand in an advanced off-side position flaunting this rule. The referee may take action by issuing a yellow card for continual breaches.
  9. A Goal Kick is taken by the Goalkeeper and may be either thrown or kicked back into play from within the Penalty area. Once the ball has left the Goalkeepers hands the ball is live and deemed to be in play.
  10. Should the Ball rebound off the roof netting play will continue. Alternatively should the rebound cross into the goal a Goal will be awarded.
  11. Where a Free Kick is awarded, the defender(s) must be a minimum of 5 metres from the ball but no further back than the goal line.
  12. Slide tackling is prohibited and is a bookable offense.
  13. Teams are required to be on the field in position to play by scheduled kick-off time or within 1 minute of the previous match finishing. The Referee may choose to “start the clock’ should Teams not enter field ready for play within this timeframe.

Should the Competitions organiser receive a complaint by an opponent claiming participation in a match by an ineligible player, which is proven, then the following regulation will apply;


  1. A qualified or Bona-Fide Player is one who has signed the appropriate Registration Form, paid a Registration Fee and is registered in the team as per the Regulations of Football NSW and Football Federation Australia
  2. Any Club playing an ineligible Player shall be ineligible for any points associated with the Match and shall be subject to any Disciplinary action as imposed by the Board of Directors or General Purposes Tribunal.
  3. Full points allocated for the Fixture shall be forfeited to their Opponents and goals recorded according to three (3) goals scored by the Team obtaining the points to nil (0) by the Team who has infringed the Regulations.
  4. Substitutions are unlimited. Exiting player must leave the field of play prior to replacement entering field. There is no requirement for the Referee to be consulted.
  5. The office cannot accept registrations without payment and the waiver signed. No player is allowed to enter the field of play without having adhered to all of these requirements.

For Full details of Rules and Regulations visit Football NSW website/Competition Rules and Regulations.